Urine Task Force

Urinary extracellular vesicles (uEV) provide insight into diseases of the urological tract and probably from other organs too. However, the potential use of uEV as biomarkers is not fully exploited because of the variability of the fluid, the diversity of isolation and analytical approaches employed and the major question of specimen normalisation. The goal of the Urine Task Force is to put together nephrologists, urologist and biologists with active experience in uEV research to establish best practice and standardize the field. 

The Urine Task Force will be holding an inaugural virtual symposium on 15-16 February. Please click here to view the program and abstract book.

Contact Info
Alicia Llorente
Uta Erdbruegger
Elena S Martens
Charles Blijdorp



  • 15-16 Feb 2022: Inaugural Virtual Symposium on Urinary Extracellular Vesicles
  • Collecting the info about where the state of the art, gaps and challenges impeding development of uEV-based clinical applications. 
  • Exploring possibilities of collaborative research projects to establish better practice and increase reproducibility in uEV research. 
  • Contribution to meetings/ Organization of satellite meetings

Irene Bijnsdorp
Francesc Borràs
Dylan Burger
Benedetta Bussolati

James Brian Byrd
Aled Clayton

Juan Manuel Falcón-Perez
Cristina Grange
Guido Jenster

Connie Jimenez
Kerstin Junker
Jon B Klein
Mark Knepper

Janne Leivo

Metka Lenassi
Matt Luther
Michael L Merchant
Inge Mertens

Luca Musante
Eline Oeyen

Trairak Pisitkun
Maija Puhka

Catherine Sánchez
Jack Schalken

Carolina Soekmadji
Robert A Star

Visith Thongboonkerd
Martin Van Royen
Volkert van Steijn
Gerald Verhaegh
Jason Webber
Ken Witwer
Peter S Yuen