2nd Virtual Symposium: Urinary EVs: 15-16 February, 2023

Thank you to all who attended the uEVs2023 meeting! Check back later for a recap of the meeting. 

uEV2023 is the second Virtual Symposium on Urinary Extracellular Vesicles. Organized by the Urine Task Force of the ISEV Rigor and Standardization Subcommittee, the meeting brings together the global community studying extracellular vesicles in urine. This virtual symposium features state of the art presentations, technical updates from Urine Task Force working groups, interactive panel discussions and poster presentations. The meeting emphasizes trainee opportunities and builds upon the welcoming environment and lively discussions of uEV2022. The uEV2023 is a must-attend for nephrologists, urologists, cell and molecular biologists, biobank experts, and anyone studying urinary extracellular vesicles.

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The deadline for abstract submission was 1 December 2022. Posters will be made available from February 14-17.


*All times are CET

Program Day 1 – February 15th 2023

13:30 Welcome from the IOC 2023

Session 1: Emerging technologies/methodologies for uEV isolation, quantification, and profiling

13:40 Chairs: Fabrice Lucien and Robert Myette

13:45 Plenary Talk: David Greening, PhD, Department of Biochemistry and Genetics, La Trobe University, Australia, Integrating technologies for uEV proteome analysis

Featured abstracts

14:10 Xiao-Xiao Zhu, China, Identification of stable reference genes for relative quantification of long RNA expression in urinary exosomes

14:25 Yohan Kim, USA, Automation of clinical urinary extracellular vesicle measurement using standardized and calibrated nanoscale flow cytometry

14:40 Cristina Grange, Italy, Super resolution microscopy for single EV evaluation: better understanding of urinary EV subpopulations

14:55 Beatriz Martín-Gracia, Norway, Ultrasensitive detection of urinary prostate cancer EVs using gold nanoprisms as thermal transductors in lateral flow immunoassays

15:10 Panel Discussion: Are EV technologies ready for the clinic?
Moderator: Fabrice Lucien. Panelists: Leonora Balaj (USA), Edwin van der Pol (Netherlands), Shannon Stott (USA)

15:40 00:30 BREAK

Session 2: Urinary EV collection, handling and storage

16:10 Chairs: Maija Puhka and Martin Van Royen

16:15 Plenary Talk: Elena Martens-Uzunova, Department of Urology, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Quality collection and biobanking for urinary EVs

Featured Abstracts

16:40 Karina Barreiro, Finland, Capturing the kidney transcriptome by urinary EV – impact of cryostorage temperature and EV isolation

16:55 Adele Tanzi, Italy, Urinary Extracellular vesicle preservation using a non-toxic dialdehyde fixative

17:10 Jenni Karttunen, Finland, Identification of the most stable and vulnerable – Impact of preanalytical variables on the uEV miRNome

17:25 Andres Lõhmus, Estonia, Tangential-flow filtration provides an easy and robust method for the isolation of urinary EVs with high yield and purity index

17:40 Introduction of the Keynote: Maija Puhka

17:45 Keynote: Prof. Per-Henrik Groop, MD, DMSc, Professor of Internal Medicine, Department of Nephrology, and Tiinamaija Tuomi, MD, PhD, Associate professor, Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland FIMM, University of Helsinki. Considerations for long-term biomarker studies – focus on diabetic kidney disease

18:30 Panel Discussion: How to improve the quality of uEV research?
Moderator: Maija Puhka. Panelists: Peter Yuen, Elena Martens-Uzunova, Per-Henrik Groop, Tiinamaija Tuomi

19:00 Closing Day 1: IOC 2023

Day 2 – February 16th 2023

13:30 Welcome from the IOC 2023 – Wrap up Day 1

Session 3: Roles of urinary EVs in (patho)physiology

13:40 Update from the Urine Task Force of the Rigor and Standardization Subcommittee of ISEV: looking ahead (Uta Erdbruegger and Metka Lenassi)

13:50 Chairs: Cristina Grange and Per Svenningsen

13:55 Plenary Talk: Laura Perin, Division of Urology, University of Southern California, USA. In vitro and in vivo model to study kidney disease

Featured abstracts

14:20 Song-Tao Feng, China, Profiling long RNA transcriptome and tracking cell origin for urinary extracellular vesicles

14:35 Samantha Upson, USA, Daily variability of urinary extracellular vesicles in healthy subjects

14:50 Qian Chen, UK, Characterisation of urine small extracellular vesicles from normal pregnancy and early-onset preeclampsia

15:05 Danilo Bondi, Italy, Biophysical and biomolecular uEVs signatures distinguish inactive versus endurance-trained male adults

15:20 Panel Discussion: Are uEVs waste or functional?
Moderator: Benedetta Bussolati. Panelists: Lin-Li Lv, Ewout Hoorn, Per Svenningsen, Kenneth Witwer

15:50 BREAK

Session 4: Urinary EV as biomarkers in human health and disease
Chairs: Janne Leivo and Uta Erdbruegger

16:25 Plenary Talk: Francesc Enric Borras Serres IGTP and Nephrology Department, University Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol (HUGTiP), Spain. Urine Biomarker discovery for kidney fibrosis: a long & winding road

Featured abstracts

16:50 Amanda Khoo, Canada, Proteomic characterization of uEVs identifies uEV-specific protein signatures for improved risk stratification in localized prostate cancer

17:05 Mei He, USA, Isolation and Characterization of Urinary Extracellular Vesicles from Bladder Cancer Patients

17:20 Irene Bijnsdorp, The Netherlands, Detecting prostate cancer in urinary EVs making use of the surface proteome of (cancer) EVs

17:35 Loic Steiner, Sweden, The immunomodulatory role of Extracellular Vesicles in Urinary Bladder Cancer and their use as a clinical prognostic tool

17:50 Introduction of the Keynote: Fabrice Lucien

17:55 Keynote: Prof. Johan Skog, USA, Chief Scientific Officer and Vice-President at ExosomeDx. Exosome biomarkers: from bench to bedside

18:40 Panel Discussion: Which EV cargo is the better biomarker?
Moderator: Janne Leivo. Panelists: Johan Skog, Dylan Burger, Irene Binjnsdorp, Juan Falcón-Pérez

19:10 Closing Day 2: IOC 2023 and Award ceremony