About the ISEVxTech EV Technology & Methods Summit

The ISEVxTech EV Technology & Methods Summit is a fully in-person meeting where attendees will explore, demo, and share latest results regarding modern technology platforms along the pipeline of EV production, isolation, characterization, and functional analysis. Unlike the typical ISEV meeting, there is an emphasis on hands-on demos of instrumentation, software, reagents, reference materials, and other methods. Keynote speakers, poster sessions, flash talks, and panel discussions will supplement a core experience of round-robin small group semi-hands on demonstrations featuring measurements of EVs and reference materials. Topics of best practices, standardization, calibration, and more will take center stage. This is certain to be an exciting and outside-the-box experience for all EV enthusiasts!

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ISEVxTech is a showcase for established and emerging EV technologies across the spectrum of production, isolation/enrichment, characterization, and functional analysis. Scoring criteria for abstracts submitted to this unique conference will prioritize studies that prominently feature a technological approach or platform, rather than a biological finding. Some examples: abstracts that introduce a new technique, innovate on an existing one, provide new approaches or methodology for standardization/calibration/cross-comparisons, deliver new standards or reference materials, or apply a specialized technology to offer new insight into EVs.

View the ISEVxTech abstract book here. Please note we have updated our abstract book as of November 16 due to a change in poster numbers for Thursday. The old poster numbers are listed, as well as the new.



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