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About the Journal of Extracellular Biology

The Journal of Extracellular Biology (JEB) was founded in 2021 as the second Journal of the International Society for Extracellular Vesicles. JEB is an open access, peer-reviewed journal to provide a broader forum to discuss EVs, and their extracelluar particle (EP) cousins. This includes from biogenesis, on to interactions with each other and with other extracellular macromolecules (including but not limited to RNA, lipoproteins, and protein complexes), extracellular matrix, and their ultimate effects on recipient cells and organs. 

JEB will promote interdisciplinary studies that investigate the function of EVs and EPs in pathology, normal physiology, interorgan and inter-organism communication; the role of their cargo as biomarkers and therapeutics; new technologies and methods to engineer EVs and EPs and their artificial mimics.

Aims and Scope

  • Extracellular vesicles (all types of EVs) exosomes, microvesicles, ectosomes, and others
  • Other extracellular particles (EPs) released by cells, such as exomeres, RNA, lipoproteins (LDL, HLD, chylomicrons etc) and protein complexes (e.g. ribonucleoproteins, nucleosomes), which may interact with EVs and EPs, and may be involved in intercellular communication and biological functions
  • Engineered EVs and EPs and their artificial mimics
  • Research on their biology, biogenesis, diagnostics, therapeutics, methodology, technology, and engineering
  • Pathologies, physiologies, interorgan, inter-organism communication
  • Resource development, databases, analytical software, reagents, models, and other tools
  • Technical papers, negative results, confirmatory or contradictory results/studies



JEB Leadership

The Journal of Extracellular Biology is led by Andrew Hill, BSc, DIC, PhD as its first Editor-in-Chief.