Milk Task Force


Within the EV field, but also in dairy research, milk extracellular vesicles (EVs) are gaining attention for their role in inter-organism and inter-species communication. This stretches from fundamental research on the functional properties of EVs in breast milk or consumers milk, to clinical applications for various diseases.

Within the milk task force we aim to provide an analysis of the state‐of‐the‐art milk EV research and to discuss topics specific for milk EV research including milk collection, processing, storage, experimental design, reporting, standardization, and future directions.

We are currently establishing an active milk EV community by recruiting members for this task force and will later prepare a manuscript containing specific considerations for experimental guidelines and reporting on milk EVs.

Working Groups

  1. Analysis milk task force survey
  2. Analysis milk EV literature for EV-TRACK
  3. Outline manuscript milk EV research guidelines
  4. Outreach

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Farrukh Aqil|Katia Cappelli | Alberto Davalos | Susanne Gabrielsson | Regina Golan-Gerstl | Ramesh Gupta | Hany Ibrahim | Julia Kuligowski | Allison Kupsco | Krisztian Kvell | Suresh Mathivanan | Samanta Mecocci | Nicole Meisner-Kober | John Miklavcic | Takahiro Ochiya | Lorraine O'Driscoll | Matiur Rahman | Jan Rasmussen | Beatriz Salinas | Sergey Sedyh | Dheer Singh | Sonal Sukreet | Lingjun Tong | Fons van de Loo | Martijn van Herwijnen | Marca Wauben | Yoosoo Yang | Huaxi Yi | Janos Zempleni | Xin Zhao


To be posted.

Other Outputs

  • Tailored survey to collect state-of-the-art information on milk EV research that will lead to a manuscript on guidelines