Reproduction Task Force


The interest in the role of extracellular vesicles (EVs) in different aspects of reproduction has rapidly grown over the last decade. Due to its natural complexity (e.g., species, reproductive organs and fluid volumes), this area of research needs to be treated with caution to avoid misleading conclusions.

Working Groups


Chair Contact Info

Beatriz Fernandez-Fuertes | Juliano da Silveira | Marcia de Almeida Monteiro Melo Ferraz


Antonia Hufnagel | Michael Rimmer | Krishna Chaitanya Pavani | Niamh Forde


To be posted

Other Outputs

  • First questionnaire results in, completed in August 2022
  • First Virtual symposium + second questionnaire, completed in November 2022
  • Map researchers working in repro EVs (expected completion date: May 2023)
  • Create antibody database (expected completion date: ongoing updates, no set completion date)
  • Plan and write a positional manuscript(s) to help guide future experiments and make data between studies comparable (expected completion date: July 2023)
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